Quality Control

From the outset, quality and consistency have been Ecotree's hallmarks. Quality for customers who demand nothing but the best, and consistency to ensure that our products deliver the same high performance characteristics irregardless of operating conditions and production batch.

Our quality control begins from monitoring all incoming materials used in our production process such as base oils, vegetable based oils, esters and stabilisers. At every stage of the production process, samples are taken and tested to ensure every drop of Ecotree's products conforms precisely with specifications. This rigorous protocol is made possible with our qualified and experienced team who work in a technologically advanced laboratory equipped with the latest analytical and measuring apparatus

Another integral part of our QC process is the Statistical Process Control, introduced to monitor the quality level of products. The SPC database is multifunctional with all departments right to delivery, providing information critical to maintaining optimal working conditions and waste management while contributing to meeting customer quality audits.

Our goal - Meeting customer needs

With Ecotree, you'll quickly discover that meeting and exceeding customer requirements is part of our culture. By paying careful attention to our customers, we are constantly supplying not just an oil product but a function. Ecotree is presently preparing to obtain the ISO9000 quality certification process from the International Standards Organisation.



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