Why should I change to Ecotree biolubricants and how can they protect the environment?
First and foremost Ecotree lubricants outperform petroleum-based equivalents on many benchmarks. They have high flash points, low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and relatively low toxicity. Additionally, Ecotree lubricants are designed to stop (and even reverse) the erosion on the world environment. Being biodegradable and renewable their usage ensures that a major source of pollution and environment damage is eliminated.

How does my equipment benefit from using Ecotree Biolubricants?
Ecotree biolubricants possess superior natural lubricity, the ability to reduce friction, which results in less equipment wear. It also exhibits excellent oxidation stability resulting in extended drain intervals and outstanding thermal stability enables superior wear protection even at extremes of temperature. Ecotree biolubricants have a naturally high viscosity index and thus don't thin as readily as petroleum oils in warm temperatures, thus allowing our lubricants a longer life. Their long life also results in less maintenance and thus less waste oil. The extraordinary longer service life of Ecotree Biolubricants means lower costs for maintenance and downtime. Their outstanding performance also contributes to problem-free operation, even under extreme conditions.

Why should I use Ecotree biolubricants for my two stroke powered equipment?
Mineral oil lubricants used in two stroke powered equipment such as lawn-mowers, grass cutters, outboard engines, jet skis and motorcycles release significant quantities of unburned or partially burnt oil into the environment as the engine runs, contaminating the surrounding environment or in the case of marine applications, forming an oily sheen on the water. On land, these effluents can kill surrounding vegetation and cause severe environmental damage while in marine applications, mineral based oils pollute the water and harm aquatic life. Using synthesised ester technology, Ecotree biolubricants are formulated from vegetable oil based alternatives that do not pose these threats to the environment - they significantly reduce equipment emissions, and any fluids released readily biodegrades and are low in toxicity.

Are Ecotree biolubricants more expensive to use than traditional mineral based oils?
No. Because Ecotree biolubricants evaporate more slowly and adhere better to metal surfaces, end users often use lower quantities per application. Other cost benefits associated with biolubricants include reductions in environmental and safety penalties in the event of spills, and maintenance costs and disposal fees. Furthermore since Ecotree biolubricants have a naturally high viscosity index, they don't thin as readily as petroleum oils in warm temperatures, thus allowing some lubricants to last longer. They also possess superior natural lubricity which results in less equipment wear. As is the case with many plant-based products, once factors such as these are considered, you will find that Ecotree biolubricants are extremely cost competitive when compared against traditional mineral based lubricant usage.


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