Research & Development

Developing biolubricants is a highly complex process, representing a complete paradigm shift from traditional mineral based oils. At lower temperatures, many biolubricants solidify more readily than mineral based lubricants, giving them a higher pour point. At extremely high temperatures, biolubricants can be subject to oxidation, a chemical reaction which affects its functional capability due to complex decomposition processes.

Over the years, our researchers have managed to overcome these issues and now all our biolubricants meet or exceed the performance of petroleum lubricants. With new rules and specifications being defined at an ever increasing rate by international bodies, national governments, and not least by car manufacturers, Ecotree biolubricants are ideally suited to help you to meet the stringent specifications for which standard performance is no longer acceptable. As one of the few producers of both bio and mineral based lubricants, Ecotree is uniquely positioned to fulfill your performance, cost, environmental and regulatory requirements.

Ecotree's mission is to support your efforts in reducing pollution and contamination through the creation of environmentally sustainable solutions so that we can live a life that is cleaner, safer and healthier.


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